What are the needs of Kudil now?

So far, the kudil has been self-sufficient, taking care of its operations since 1975. Times have changed and the economic barriers to run the Kudil successfully with its vision to provide livelihood to the students has become challenging. The strenght keeps increasing every year and so does the needs proportionately. To over come this situation and to continue the mission, the kudil is now open to accept donations/support from outside.

The aids received will be used for

Expenses for the food, clothing, accomodation, education and medical care

Maintaining and repairing the buildings/infrastructure

Renovation of the kitchen and the dining area

Supporting the aids for ITI students

“Support us in ways you can from your heart, and stay blessed with the love of the Kudil children and Lord Paramahamsar”
(Tax deduction under 80G of Income tax act)

Bank Details

Name of Bank: State Bank of India
A/C No: 39160578604